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An Interview with André Mack of Mouton Noir

Ever wondered what it’s like to create a wine brand? André Hueston Mack is the wine maker visionary of Mouton Noir Wines.

This interview with André Hueston Mack is part of a collection of interviews with people who’ve dedicated their lives to working in wine:

What It’s Like To Work in Wine

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Did you know this is what you were going to do when you started?

I’ve never ever in 1 million years knew wine would take me to all these places I just trusted that if I was ever good at something that I would never ever quit it

What got you to commit?

Believe it or not it was watching old episodes of Frasier that really encourage me to have Wine be a part of my life on a casual level not even on a career level

On a career level I would probably have to say just being around other individuals who are just as passionate about wine and they really got me to commit I think it was really having someone else hold me accountable for knowing this information was a real driving force in my career.

I believe when you surround yourself with other passionate people your focus really shifts to taking pride in your work and wanting to impress the people that you work side-by-side with and it’s through this process that helps elevate your work, your commitment and ultimately others around you.

How did it feel?

It felt really great to be a part of something, you know at the time I was living in Texas and there was only one master sommelier in the whole state–the idea of a wine community in Texas was very limited.

Did you have any failures so far? How did you deal?

Sure I’ve had too many failures to even to begin to discuss but I truly believe that it’s the adversity that we go through in life that makes us stronger. The real way to deal with failure is to admit the truth to yourself and to others and move forward.

Any regrets?

I know this might sound a little cliché but I don’t live my life with any regrets. I also know that life is a series of decisions. Hindsight is always 2020 it’s best to learn from your mistakes/blessings and continue to move forward

What’s the one piece of advice you’d give someone trying to create a wine brand?

How you start out doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s how you’ll end up. They’ll be a lot of people who talk shit and hate but it’ll be interesting to see who’s standing in the end. So always work your ass off if there’s one thing that you have control over, it’s your work ethic–never ever let them out work you.



What it’s like to work in wine

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What It’s Like To Work in Wine

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