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Basic Wine Etiquette Tips (Video)


As much as I used to hate etiquette as a teenager, I’ve become quite fascinated with it as an adult.

There is a lot to learn and know about etiquette which can make it seem daunting and much of it seems quite frivolous on the surface. After reading two books on the subject, one of them was old (free on kindle!) and one much newer, I started to notice a theme. Etiquette tends to be more involved in places where people operate in a high proximity to others. For example, just think about how much etiquette goes into being on a subway in New York!

Essentially, etiquette is how to look presentable in the proximity of others.

We are human, which means we are animals on some level. We pick our noses. We scratch our butts. We do gross things. Etiquette, on the other hand, is completely constructed by the culture and society we live in. It’s our brains way of trying to go beyond what is animal about our humanity. When practiced, it provides a great deal of respect to others and to oneself.

Since wine is always served in places where proper etiquette is in order, I’d like to offer you a few wine etiquette tips to practice. I promise, they’re fun!

Hold a wine glass by the stem:

How to Hold a Wine Glass

There are various reasons for this, but ultimately, it doesn’t get smudge prints on the glass (proximity effect) and looks quite classy:


Drink from the same position on the rim for the same reason:

Drinking from the same position on the rim

You can learn to swirl wine by drawing little circles your hand:


Then, just remove your hand and you’ll do it in the air:


One last and final thing: clink your wine glasses bowl to bowl. They are stronger at the sides and when you clink, it will make a cool “ding!”


Wine Etiquette tips (e.g. you are not a monster)

No, You Are Not A Monster

See the complete illustrated list of wine etiquette to master.

Essential List of Wine Etiquette To Master

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