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Cincinnati Chili Dinner

Cincinnati Chili Dinner

Earlier this year I discovered the wonders of a warmly spiced savory meat dish.  It was too long a time coming, but moussaka is in my heart to stay.  

This chili, some of you from Cincinnati are no doubt nodding your head with knowing, is a cinnamon + chili + cumin and clove spiced meat dish served two ways, three ways, or FIVE WAYS: over spaghetti pasta topped with diced white onions, grated cheddar cheese, and kidney beans.  

I’ve seen some of traditional, Mediterranean spiced Cincinnati Chili recipes that also include dark chocolate but this recipe opts out.  I can only go so far where spaghetti and cheddar are involved.  

This recipe bring on opinions.  It’s not often you combine ground cinnamon and ground beef without ruffling a feather or two.  The combination warm and comforting and the spice bring such an unexpected roundness to this hearty chili situation.  

This recipe is from our girl Ree’s latest cookbook Come and Get It!  It’s full of dang comforting home cooking so… so do as the title suggests, ya know? 

Ready for this? 

Here’s the grocery list, laid right out there. 

We’re making a simple chili that’s essentially a spiced meat sauce.  

We’ll need:  

•  ground beef and broth

•  onions and garlic

•  tomato sauce and paste

•  the spices that make this Cincinnati Chili exactly what it is:  chili powder, cumin, cinnamon, cloves, and allspice

•  vinegar and worcestershire sauce for depth and brightness

•  a big ol bundle of spaghetti pasta, grated cheddar cheese, chopped onions, and kidney beans

In a large Dutch oven we’ll cook down the onions and garlic.  It’s all about layering ingredients and flavor and everything savory and simmered starts with onions and garlic.  Once softened it’s time for ground beef.  

The fat is drained from the cooked beef and hello, hello it’s time for spice!

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