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Let It Be Sunday, 145!

Let It Be Sunday, 145!

Hello my friends! Happy Sunday! 

How are you doing?  How are we doing?  How many men have told you to smile this week?  I’m at 2.  Thank you for the feedback, gentlemen.  Do me a quick favor and mind your own business FOREVER AND EVER.  It has felt like, these past few weeks, the flood gates of sexual misconduct have opened wide.  What is there to say?  I mean… yea.  I feel grateful that the lights are shining on this issue.  I feel frustrated that this is even an issue.  I feel exhausted by my own experience with this garbage.  I see who the President is.  And then the whole cycle of emotions starts over with another news revelation.  

Maybe that’s why I spend my free brainspace thinking about my upcoming Christmas decorations.  

This past week felt like it lasted a year.  Here are some of the things that reached me: 

  Again.  How To Reduce Shootings.  It’s not black and white.

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