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My Favorite Brine of All Time! by The Pioneer Woman

I wanted to bring this old post to the forefront, as it’s my favorite turkey brine recipe ever, and because it’s—gulp—the week before Thanksgiving! What just happened?

We still have Halloween candy in our house. (Not sure how that’s possible.)

Be sure to read through all the instructions in the link below…but here are the highlights (in case you’re a skimmer, which I most certainly am!)

* Check your turkey label. Many frozen turkeys are injected with a sodium solution (essentially pre-brined), and it’s best if you can use a turkey that has not been pre-brined. I usually try to find a fresh turkey or an organic frozen one. (Though if you rinse thoroughly, you’ll probably be fine no matter what!)

* Add enough water to the brining bag or vessel to submerge the turkey.

* After brining, thoroughly rinse the turkey then submerge it in clean cold water for 15-20 minutes, then rinse again.

* Your turkey is gonna be magificent!

My Favorite Turkey Brine of All Time

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