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Three Christmas Favorites by Ree

Hello, friends! Well, it’s been a mammoth fall (and winter!) so far. While I’ve done my share of cooking, I haven’t been photographing and sharing recipes because of football, volleyball, Mercantile, filming, and other things that have defined the past three months of my life. Once we get past Christmas, my world will open up a bit and I’m really looking forward to spending the rest of the holiday season cooking, photographing, and getting sticking stuff all over my camera. Just like the good ol’ days!

Meantime, I wanted to share three of my very, very favorite Christmastime goodies. If you haven’t made these…ya gotta!

Prune Cake. Forget the word “Prune.” Just make this and you’ll understand the magic!

2110048156_5ee607e56aChex Party Mix. I know what you’re thinking. You can buy it in the bag. Or you can follow the recipe on the box. Yes, you can. Or you can try this version, which is pretty much the basic recipe with just two magical ingredients added. They will change your life.

11164546503_3128ecc39d_zCaramel Apple Sweet Rolls. A variation of the cinnamon rolls I make every year, these have caramel apples inside and a caramel frosting. They are heaven.

I hope you’re having a beautiful holiday with your family and friends!

I love ya,
Pioneer Woman

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